Tacoma, WA

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    Orange Fish
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    Sea Turtle
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    Red Coral
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    Coral Reef
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    Coral Reef

Acting as local consultant to landscape architect, Mr. Toshiyuki Yano, of the Kitakyushu Greenery Association, in the Sister City of Kitakyushu, Japan, we facilitated the design process between the Japanese designer and local construction company, Soundview Landscape.

The garden offers visitors a place to relax and reflect with an open, inviting design. Created as a “karesansui” (waterless) garden, it includes a dry waterfall arrangement anchoring the highest corner of the site, flowing through a series of step downs to a sea of white sand with a pebble beach and central island reached by stone bridges. A 12-foot-tall pagoda and several stone lanterns will remind visitors that human artifacts also have a place in nature.